LoRaWAN packet decoder

A frontend towards lora-packet.

Assuming base64-encoded packet

Message Type = Join Accept -- WARNING: The values below have not been decrypted
    AppNonce = 473F81
       NetID = FF08F5
     DevAddr = 6E0B67A2
         MIC = 3ECA92DA

Note that erroneous packets are likely to show incorrect results: lora-packet can also validate the packet's integrity and decrypt the payload if you know the node's secrets. Or to install it as a command line utility:

  • install Node.js and npm
  • run: npm install -g lora-packet
  • run: lora-packet-decode --base64 ADFGUkFEshgAdAoAAACyGADXQ5rzpZs=
    or lora-packet-decode --hex 003146524144B21800740A000000B21800D7439AF3A59B (beware that removing leading zeroes affects proper decoding)